About us

General Director of Albatros LLC,
Zhavoronkov K.N.

The history of Albatross LLC originates in 2006. Despite such a young age, the organization managed to gain a reputation as a reliable partner and reach the level of a leader among marine enterprises.

«Albatross» is the provision of pilotage services to vessels of various types and sizes carrying out ship calls in the seaports of Primorsk and Ust-Luga.

The pilot team is charged with the duty of safely navigating vessels in certain areas where accurate knowledge of local navigation conditions is required. The pilot also oversees compliance with the established rules of navigation in the area, and is closely associated with the port captain, who oversees the safety of navigation and order in the port. The port captain determines the restrictions and permissible weather conditions for the wiring of ships.

The pilot company undertakes to carry out the wiring of vessels on the approaches to seaports, inside them and in areas difficult for navigation, as well as mooring and rearranging of vessels, anchoring and de-anchoring, etc.

Industry Leader 2021

The issue of safety of navigation of vessels in the open sea is particularly acute during winter navigation due to the appearance of packed ice and hummocks. The pilots of the Albatross company, at the request of the shipowners, relying on all their skills and experience, advise the captains on the management of the vessel in ice conditions on the route from the port of Tallinn to the port of Primorsk.

Today, the Pilotage Service of Albatros LLC consists of 32 active pilots who have a higher special education. The company’s pilotage service employees have a long work experience as long-distance sea captains, the average age of pilotage service employees is 52 years. Many have been repeatedly awarded for high professional qualities in the implementation of navigation safety and trouble-free work.

The level of professionalism of pilots is constantly increasing not only by completing mandatory preparatory courses in certified training centers at marine educational institutions of St. Petersburg, but also by training pilots in one of the European training centers on the course «Management of large-tonnage vessels and vessels with unusual maneuverability characteristics».

The Pilotage Service has been cooperating for a long time with the Transas Group, a developer of advanced navigation technologies that allow to increase the level of safety of navigation and bring it to a modern level, for which we use a special pilotage program Transas Pilot PRO.

Pilots of Albatros LLC are provided with the necessary means of communication, navigation equipment, required documentation, overalls and individual rescue equipment to provide high-quality pilotage services, in accordance with the Regulations on Sea Pilots of the Russian Federation (Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. 462 dated 06.11.2020). The pilotage service of Albatros LLC has the necessary vessels and vehicles for the timely delivery of pilots to the ship.

The best indicator of the work of pilots is that no claims from shipowners on the quality of pilotage services provided by the company for the entire period of its existence have been received.

During the years of activity of LLC «Albatross» It has shown positive dynamics of development, contributing to the development of ports and the region as a whole.